terms and condition

terms and conditons

Alliance high care in consideration of the signed amount per annum. payable in advance to carry out the maintenance of the customer’s premises as mentioned in the schedule below and keep them in good condition.

the company agrees to make inspection and render maintenance service during normal working hours to the premises of customer at suitable intervals to spray in kitchens. sewers etc.

the company undertake to make best to carry out its obligations under the terms of this agreement as speedily as possible but will not be responsible for any costs or expenses arising directly or indirectly from any delay in so doing.

the effect of this agreement will stand notified in case the premises is shifted, from the original place of contract, or the right of property is transferred altered or serviced by any body other than companies men.

the company reserves the right to increase the charge by giving one month’s notice before the end of this agreement.

the contractors shall not by any means be or become liable to the owners for any damage suffered by the owners directly or indirectly through the presence of the pest in the said premises but the only liability of the contractors hereunder shall be to treat the said premises with such process of processes as hereinafter provided and ensure economic control of the pests from the said premises.

the contractor is not liable for any untoward death of pets or anybody during the course of rodent treatment.

all disputes subject to delhi jurisdiction.​