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Are you tired of pests attacking your home or office? Do you want to get rid of pests? Contact Alliance High Care because with a trained professionals and eco friendly pest control methods Alliance High Care ensures pest free environment for you and your family.

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Pests like cockroaches, termites, mosquitoes, etc, cause disturbance in the surroundings. Faridabad, a metropolitan city needs pest companies to save infrastructure from pest infestation.

For this reason, Pest control in Faridabad offers services in combating pest spread both in common household and commercial properties.  

Pest Control Services In Faridabad

Faridabad is one of the most populated cities in India and is termed a major satellite area. Professional pest control companies like Alliance High Care provide their services in Faridabad.

General Pest Control

General Pest Control

Termite Pest Control

Termite Pest Control

cockroach pest control

Cockroach Pest Control

Mosquito Pest Control

Mosquito Pest Control

Bed Bug Pest Control

Bed Bug Pest Control

Rat Pest Control

Rat Pest Control

Fogging Services

Fogging Services

Disinfection services

Disinfection services

Wood Borer Pest Control

Wood Borer Pest Control

Termite Pest Control Faridabad

It is important to identify the possible symptoms of termites, as they destroy structural property. Termites are also called ‘’white ants’’ and come under the group of ants and insects that consume decaying plant and wooden material.

Way of Controlling Termites:

  • Construction owners must consult integrated pest management companies to avoid damage and losses.
  • So book your services for termite control at Alliance High Care, which will give termite pest control treatment. In this booking service, you will get trained professionals who will survey for the complete removal of termites. The process would take 2-3 hours and involves drilling, filling, and sealing the holes inundated by termites.

Cockroach Pest Control Faridabad

Cockroaches’ presence is disturbing in homes, apartments, and business places. These are common pests found where there is a lack of sanitation. They contaminate the food, and household accessories leaving behind an unpleasant odor.

Way of Controlling Cockroaches:

  • Cockroach allergens cause congestion, food poisoning, inflammation, and asthma, so their presence must be denied.
  • Alliance High Care assures the effective removal of cockroaches from your living space making a healthy environment.
  • Clean your living space by hiring a professional from Alliance High Care. Our trained professionals would destroy cockroaches, and further inundating these pests makes a healthy lifestyle.

Mosquito Pest Control Faridabad

Entry of mosquitoes in homes, workspaces, and business apartments leaves a bad impact. These mosquitoes turn healthy environments into unpleasant experiences.

  • Mosquitoes biting causes allergic reactions on the skin and transmits parasites and viruses. If you are facing similar issues, then consult Alliance High Care in Faridabad.

Way of Controlling Mosquitoes:

  • Trained professionals in Alliance High Care assist their community in getting rid of these mosquitoes.

    • Different Mosquito Control Treatments are being offered by Alliance High Care aims to control larval breeding in and around the living space.
    • Enjoy your rainy season as mosquito breeding increases, just book your appointments and get control treatments.
    • These treatments are beneficial for cleaning air, walls, and water and controlling mosquito breeding.

Bed Bug Pest Control Faridabad

Bed bugs are small parasites that search out for people and animals when they are sleeping. They are affiliated with CO2 as it is released when exhaled through the bodies and rely on bloody meals.

  • It is quite impossible to prevent and treat bed bugs, so different measures are adopted to prevent their possible spread.

Way of Controlling Mosquitoes:

  • Hiring Alliance High Care in Faridabad has specialized professional techniques to control bed bugs.

    • Book your service for controlling bed bugs at Alliance High Care, as it consists of a two-visit plan.
    • On day 1, the team will visit and monitor the carpets, beds, and curtains.
    • After 15 days, teammates will schedule the visit plan after the first service.

Rat Pest Control Faridabad

Rodents belong to mammals having chiseled teeth and are difficult to exterminate. The rodent infestation causes considerable loss in local agriculture and damages the infrastructure.

  • Rodents spread various diseases and hazardous effects on human health, and their growth is faster.

For this reason, hire professionals from the pest control companies in Faridabad and secure your home, garden, and health.

Way of Controlling Rats/Rodent:

    • It is important to protect your living system and agriculture from rodents. Book your services at Alliance High Care for rat control by professionals.
    • A specialized pest management team will visit the rodent’s hideout.
    • The team will catch rodents with the approved and heavy-duty glue boards for throwing rats out of your premises.

Wood Borer Pest Control Faridabad

The furniture and wooden structure adds beauty to your house when it is free from any beetle infestation. Wood borers damage the wood and its beauty by residing and digging it.

When you detect the early symptoms of wood borer, consider the wood borer treatment by hiring professionals.

Way of Controlling Wood borers:

    • Wood borers are hard to recognize with the naked eye, unlike mosquitoes, cockroaches, and rodents.
    • You must select a suitable treatment for its control instead of DIY treatments.
    • Alliance High Care assures its users of the possible detection and eradication of wood borers from your wooden materials.
    • The process comprises 3 steps involving monitoring, injection, and spraying.
    • Then filling of infected holes is carried out by the safe use of chemicals to protect your wooden furniture.

Commercial Pest Control Gurgaon

Commercial pest control management involves experts/companies to remove pests from commercial properties. Hiring the best company is crucial for commercial pest control in Faridabad for both single and multi-site businesses.

Alliance High Care team professionals have vast experience and knowledge that ensures eradication, safety, and protection from pest spread.

Commercial Pest Control

Alliance High Care involves the following process:

  • Thorough inspection and monitoring are carried out to determine the cause and reasons for pest spread. In this process, effective and careful parameters are taken to eradicate the harmful spread of ants and insects.


  • Experts adopt pest safety measures to ensure the safe removal of pests and reinstate sanitation.


  • Hiring professionals for pest control management can save your business and property from losses. Although pest treatments are costly, it’s worth it for your business.
Residential Pest Control

Residential Pest Control

As you have understood commercial pest management is important, on the parallel side there is an utter need to preserve and protect your residential areas. Different companies like Alliance High Care are not only providing services to commercial hubs but also serving the residents from pest invasion.

Residential pest control is important for a healthy lifestyle, property structure saver, and enhanced comfort.

  • Biological control is preferable in residential sites but if crucially needed then chemical control is also adopted to remove pests.
  • Regular inspections are done by professionals and company mates to examine the pest stage activity and next step.

Alliance High Care at your doorstep:

  • If you are encountering any pest attack issues in your residential or commercial places, reach out to Alliance High Care.

    • This is a certified pest management company, aiming to control the pest spread. Alliance High Care is one of the trusted, registered, and well-known brands that has been in this field for more than 13 years.

    Here we have enlisted the services provided by Alliance High Care in Faridabad.

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They are the professional team with good knowledge of chemicals for various treatements. I had used their services abt 10 years back and I repeated my order to them for my new flat now. They are rhe trusted persons.

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They are the professional team with good knowledge of chemicals for various treatments. I had used their services abt 6 years back and I repeated my order to them for my new house at DLF 1 now. They are trusted persons. Marketing Mr. Sanjeev

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These guys removed all kind of pest from house. Now my house feels amazing. Great service and pretty reasonable price.

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Team was professional in approach and skilled. Humble and Polite.

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Best pest control services provided at my company Manesar Gurgaon for pest control

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Amazing service, polite and patient staff. Recommended to everyone looking for such services.

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The services are fast and really helpful. It was all safe. They took all the corona precautions as well. Surely will call them for the same again.

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I Would recommend to everyone. Please try their Disinfection and Other quality services.

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Best services provided, good knowledge of medicine and operator done the best work at my office Mahipalpur.

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The best pest control service in the area with best prices and effective resolution for Pests, would give a High FIVE rating for fast and effective service..

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Pest Control Prices in Faridabad!

Pest control Faridabad price varies from area to area disinfected and type of pest infestation. The basic pricing of pest control starts at 550 and goes on depending on the area to be monitored and treated.

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General pest control services in ajmeri gate extension

General Pest Control

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Bed Bugs Control in Ajmeri Gate Extension

Bed Bugs Control

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Termite Control Services in Ajmeri Gate Extension

Termite Control

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Rats Control

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Mosquito Control

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Ticks Control

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