Disinfection services

How Important it is to Disinfect Your Home & Office Against COVID-19?

You get Vaccinated and make your home/office Disinfected.

             -Alliance High care

We all have been hit by a massive second wave of coronavirus, total deaths in India have surpassed 200,000 and cases are nearing 400,000 every day. The situation is alarming and apart from the vaccine, mask and sanitization are our only aids.

Amid the rising corona cases and shortage of medical aids, Disinfection against Coronavirus becomes even more vital, keeping your place sanitized is all-important.

Coronavirus Sanitization

As the call for disinfection services arose as people are stressing over ‘How to deal with the second wave of coronavirus’ following the second outbreak of COVID-19, firms leaped at the opportunity to meet the need. However, not every company offering these services has the experience, knowledge, supplies, and skills to correctly supervise disinfection – and their lack of experience can not only limit business continuity but significantly increase the risk for the people that hire them.

Every time you touch something when you’re out getting essentials such as food or medical supplies, you pick up germs left by others. Considering people who catch the virus may not show any symptoms for days, they could be unintentionally spreading the virus to every surface they touch and place they visit. Once we touch an infected surface, those germs we pick up then get transferred to our house, putting us and our families at risk of contracting COVID-19. Professional sanitizing and disinfection services are the most useful way to promptly disinfect your home or office and secure a safe environment for you and your employees.

Corona Vaccine

Coronavirus can spread via person-to-person or person-to-object contact. If surfaces, furnishings are exposed, the virus can be spread through touch, especially touching the face, mouth, and nose after touching an impacted surface thus sanitization importance expands. To prevent the spread, precautions are advised to disinfect these materials, and the personnel who are disinfecting must be properly protected as well.

Alliance High Care has been shielding human health and the environment for years – and we are experts in handling such conditions in a safe and compliant manner. Alliance High Care practices different levels of PPE depending on the situation and makes Disinfection against Coronavirus more effective.  Companies who are leading sanitization without wearing appropriate PPE can contaminate others starting with one work site then onto the next.  Employees who are wearing the proper PPE which is disinfected and disposed of before moving on to another site eliminate the possibility of cross-contamination.

When it comes to preserving the health and safety of your family and workers, it is important to work with organizations you can trust, that have the experience to safely and completely handle your situation. Alliance High Care is one that you need.